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Anti-inflammatory effects of RCP006

The Roskamp Institute is interested in finding new treatments for the diseases of aging associated with chronic inflammation. In this respect Roskamp Institute scientists are examining the properties of RCP006 whose active ingredient is anatabine. The data shown here are preliminary experiments demonstrating the anti-inflammatory properties of RCP006. 

In this experiment whole human blood was treated with LPS to stimulate inflammatory responses. LPS treatment was also accompanied by treatment with known anti-inflammatory compounds or with RCP006. The inflammatory molecule IL-1ß  was measured after 16 hours. The results show a reduced accumulation of IL-1ß  in RCP006 treated blood whereas the commonly used anti-inflammatory agents all triggered an increase in IL-1ß  production at lower doses prior to declines at higher doses. The data shown were generated by summing the area under the curve for the dose response (measured in IL-1ß levels) from zero to the treatment where full inhibition was achieved for each compound. These data are consistent with the active ingredient of RCP006, anatabine, having anti-inflammatory effects in human blood.

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