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Grow personally and professionally with a career at the Roskamp Institute.

The Roskamp Institute is a growing basic science research institute investigating areas outlined within this website. Our labs are located in Tampa and Sarasota, Florida. There may be several opportunities for you to work with us. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Notice:  All scientific applicants are required to submit curriculum vitae, a minimum of three references and an employment application.

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PhD Studentship

Description: Roskamp Institute jointly with the Open University, UK offers doctoral degree in Neuroscience. There are two open PhD studentships currently available. Please follow instructions to apply. Applicants for the program will be required to complete the following application form and submit to the Roskamp Institute Program Administrator who will screen for eligibility. Eligible applications will be reviewed by the Roskamp Institute Research Degrees Coordinator and by the Roskamp Institute Admissions Committee and competitive applications will be selected for interview in person or by television/video conference. Please download application form here

Qualification/Experience: Prospective candidate for admission for the Ph.D program must have:

  •  For UK students a Bachelor's degree of class 2.1 or higher in a biological sciences field.
  •  For US students a Master's degree in a biological sciences field or a Bachelor's degree plus either one year of post-graduate full-time laboratory research at the Roskamp Institute or two years of post-graduate full-time laboratory research with another institution and demonstrated productivity.
  •  For students from other countries equivalency to either UK or US student requirements as stated above Admission will be based on an evaluation by a Roskamp Institute committee and the Open University.

The Admission process will weigh many factors including the applicant's scholastic record, prior performance in laboratory research, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and ultimately personal interviews. Successful candidates will be registered with The Open University in the United Kingdom. Application deadlines for each year: December 1, March 15, May 15, September 15.

Benefits: Competitive, with the following benefits available: medical, dental, vision, 401K

All Applications to be delivered to:

The Roskamp Institute
Human Resources Administrator
2040 Whitfield Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34243
email: hr@rfdn.org

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Every day is a challenge. We know the huge leaps that have happened since we found genetic errors. We now have some real possibilities of intervention. It's very exciting to know the potential and impact of our work.”r> - Dr. Fiona Crawford