The mission of Bioinformatics Core is to provide necessary computational support for data analysis and facilitate high-throughput Molecular Biology, Genomic and Proteomics projects within The Roskamp Institute. The exponential growth of genomic and proteomic data requires increasingly powerful algorithms and computational applications. The Bioinformatics group is involved in the development and the use of computational methods to assist in solving problems associated with active biological projects. Some of the task includes biological pathways/network analysis, Microarray data analysis, Mass-spec data mining, protein sequence analysis and structure modeling. The main focus of the Bioinformatics core is on the integrated genomics and proteomics database systems and the development of data mining tools to aid knowledge discovery. Our facilities include high-performance computer hardware, specialized software, and advanced database systems. Services of consultation, data analysis, software training, and database supports are provided to the research community within the Roskamp Institute. The Bioinformatics Core also assist in fostering collaborative projects that integrates modern computational techniques in the research activities.

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